Interactive Media – VR Space Horror Game

For this project the goal was to create assets for games that were being created by coding students. We had free reign of design over the projects and were able to interact with the coders as though they were clients.

I chose to work on the VR Space Horror Game. For this project I worked on modeling and texturing the space core, and animated, modeled and textured the multi-tool. I textured and animated the AI assistant, and helped record the voice. I also helped in creating many of the sounds that surround the player in the game alongside Kasey Hall, Dereke Winsor, Aidan Wilson, and Peter Ciliberti.

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Production 1 – Montage of Sleep

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Production 1 – Documentary

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Japanese Media – Character Design



For the class Japanese Media, a project was given where we had to take a story from traditional Japanese folk tales and create character designs based off of them. Continue reading

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Interaction Review 2

Juiciness is when an interaction in a game happens and an effect is created as the cause of this interaction. Juiciness can be the audio along with visual effects done to enhance a players interaction with a game. Continue reading

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Interactive Media – Check-in 2

Since the last check in I worked more on the core, making the power source its own separate entity. Continue reading

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Day 1 Check-in

Our project for interactive media is a joint project with students in the CIT program. The project itself is a VR space horror game. The character is in an escape pod trying to activate it to get free from the ship and the black hole outside the ship. The entire time though something is trying to get into the ship and stop you.

For this project I have worked on creating the core for the escape pod, along with a gel pack and drawer to hold the gel pack.

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