Journal #1

Tyler Sudyn

Professor C. Pennisi


6 September 2015

Journal 1

Simon Sinek’s ted talks, asked us to not look at the end goal of what we wish to accomplish but to look at why we wish to accomplish it. When I first saw this speech I was amazed at how such a simple concept had been so overlooked, it amazed me that even though it seemed so simple it was never used by many people in life. As I continued to watch I began thinking how I could incorporate this speech into my life and my work. As I began thinking of these ways I began to realize that I had done this before, I would think why am I creating this image or why am I doing this, but I would get no answer in reply. But after all this thinking I can now see why I do some of the things that I do in my art, instead of me knowing what I want to draw I am now starting to think why I want to draw, what the reason behind my drawing is.

Normally when I draw I just draw to get the end goal, to create an image or to improve my skill as an artist. I never think what is my reasoning behind my art, why do I want to do this, why do I want to continue through to all this. I still don’t think I have figured out why I create images, I like to think it’s because I can inspire people people and help them grow their creativity but I don’t know if that is truly the reason I draw, it might be part of the reason but not the whole. I know what my end goal is that I wish to achieve with my art but I don’t know why I want to do it, not fully anyways. This has been a thing I have wondered for a very long time and I hope to find out soon but I might not be able to, not yet, I still have to explore and find out why.

My dream, my end goal is to someday create a video game company and to make my own games. That’s where I get part of my answer, to inspire and create, to grow a person’s creativity, but I still feel as though I am far from reaching my full and true answer. I do not feel that this is my why, I used to think this but after watching this speech I know begin to wonder, is it truly the only reason or is there something else for me to uncover.

This is a thought that I have had before but had never truly looked at, normally I would brush it away. But now I can’t stop thinking of it and I feel that my reason is there but just barley out of reach and all I have to do is keep trying to find it, eventually as I draw I believe the rest of why I draw will come to me, and if it does not then I can be happy and settle with what I have found, what I have found so far is that my reason is to inspire people and grow their creativity, and if that is all my reason needs to be, so be it, but if there is more I will search to find it. Because art without a reason is not truly art, without reason it has no personality or life. So though I might have a reason now I will still try and find more so that I might truly understand why I am an artist and why I truly want to reach the end goal I have set for myself. Ted Talksweek 1


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