0906151738GrayScale Seflportrait


Tyler Sudyn

Professor C. Pennisi


6 September 2015




My intent for creating my self-portrait was to create something somewhat realistic and happy. I wanted to try my best at creating the most realistic face as I could by using shading in ways that I hadn’t before, I wanted my face to have a more professional, natural, and relaxed look which is why I chose the picture I did to create my portrait. I wanted to make a good first impression with my picture which is why I also chose a picture that was a bit trickier for me to draw instead of a simpler one.

Instead of having my head be centered and in a centered position, I wanted to have it at a slight tilt to give me more of a challenge and to give that relaxed and natural look. With my face tilted slightly it allowed me to use my lines differently instead of centering them I was able to use them more at angles to give my face more of a 3d look to it and try to make it more realistic. I used that style of drawing on mainly my hair, my nose, my lips, and the outline of my face, using it on my hair and outline of my face was actually enjoyable to watch form and to do. But using the same style on my lips and nose were actually tricky for me since I am not very good at drawing those two things already, making them slightly off tilt made it all the more challenging for me to do.

I tried to add shading into my drawing to give it that realistic feel to it as I had seen others do and make successful, but the shading did not turn out the best for me and could have been improved upon maybe with using charcoal pencils next time instead of using my Ebony pencil. Though I did enjoy doing the shading and the look it brought my image I felt as though I could have done a much better job at shading things on the side of my face darker, while slowly making it lighter as I moved away from the darkest part of my face so that I could have added more detail with my shading to improve my face much more.

The easiest thing I did and one of the things I am proudest of is my hair, I was able to create the style of my hair in a way that I really feels represented my actual hair very nicely. I used opposite lines in my hair to help create the feeling of dimension in my picture, having one part going one way, and the other going the opposite way allowed me to make a portion of my hair look realistic. What I would have liked to do but couldn’t was add in individual hairs to give it more volume and depth to the hair.

All together I enjoyed this project, it allowed me to see how far I have come in drawing faces in the past year and was very entertaining to see the image take shape. I know I have a lot more work to do with my skills and learning how to use elements of design more but I look forward to that. This project has definitely gotten rid of some of the fear that I had previously about this class and major. I now look forward to the rest of this major and other projects I will be doing that will hopefully make my work stronger and better than it was before. Self-Portrait

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