Foundations Map

map 2

Tyler Sudyn

Professor C. Pennisi


8 September 2015

Foundations Map

In this piece I tried creating a map of the planets to show where I went around the town of Alfred. I wanted to make a creative map that showed my rout somewhat correctly, but at the same time had a fun twist to it. I also wanted to incorporate into my map things that I had saw at the areas I went to, or at least make something that would be a good representation of each place I visited. The biggest thing I had hoped to convey in my work was my creative and fun side, and this project aloud me to do that very well.

The most difficult thing for me was finding the idea for the map, I wanted it to be unique, but many people had taken so many good ideas so I settled on a map of the stars. This idea came to me after finding images for a coffee stain, I wanted to use a coffee stain to help symbolize and represent the Terracotta Café. Finding ideas for Herric library and the Statue of King Alfred were not too difficult, but finding one for Scholes library was actually a very difficult thing to do. I knew I wanted to show how Scholes was a fancy and hi-tech library but didn’t know how, I began looking up images until I found a computer processor and decided that would be my representation. The processor gives Scholes a very elegant look but at the same time a hi-tech look as well.

The reason for the styles behind the King Alfred Statue and Herric library were that at the King Alfred Statue there were many intricate and interesting designs, one of which looked like a blue fire/blue petal. I wanted to represent that design since it was the first thing that caught my eye when I saw the statue. As for Herric, there were many different things in that library including many Harry Potter trinkets, from the house signs of Hogwarts all the way down to the Elder Wand. These things gave me a good idea of how to represent the library by using a symbol from Harry Potter to help give that magical feel to the area I had been to.

This project was a very interesting and unique project, I did enjoy doing this and getting to explore Alfred, but it also challenged me and my creativity which I enjoyed as well. The difficulty of this project was surprisingly high, it was such a simplistic project but at the same time was much harder for me to do. After completing this project, I do feel as though I have grown, even if just a little bit, with my work. Map Writeup

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