Point and Line

Name projectInterpretation

                                                                     Rock, Photoshop, Bristol Vellum, Ebony Pencil, 11.5” X 8”

Point and Line Project

With this project I wanted to show people that though I’m small on the outside I am much bigger on the inside. I used the white pebbles as a way to contrast against the ants to try and make the ants stand out a little more, as well as making it easier for people to read what the words said and it aloud me to use the pebbles as my points. Then to give the image a feeling of motion I used the ants as my lines, connecting them throughout the image to show that they were marching across the stones. I also used the giant rock in my image as another point to draw people in to be able to see the ants walking through the image. Now as for the interpretation, I drew bones in place of the ants and used their ends as the points in my image, I had the bones standing up to give them a stone hedge like feel. Now the reason I didn’t use ants and stones for the interpretation was so that I could show the metaphoric meaning in both images to allow people to see both and put them together and understand the underlying idea behind them. Point and Line essay

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