Journal # 2


Tyler Sudyn

Foundations Journal #2

Gustav Klimt was a 20th century artist famous for pieces like “The Kiss”, “Beethoven Frieze”, and “The Tree of Life”. Now in his painting “The Tree of Life” Gustav drew a giant tree in the center of the painting, he made the branches of the tree into swirls using line and shape to give it a unique look and draw a persons focus into the tree first and then the rest of the painting as the branches spread out in the space all across the painting. To add a little contrast to the image and to draw your focus towards the center, Gustav made the center of the tree brighter while making the outer edges much darker creating slight contrast and keeping your point of view away from the outside of the piece.

Now an increase in contrast is actually happening to the sides of the image but still centered and that is between the two girls that Gustav has drawn. He creates a contrast between the two women by having one of them more painted green and blue while having the other one painted more red. The two women maybe farther away but a contrast can be seen between them, as well as the use of color to draw our attention towards them compared to the rest of the painting creates more emphasis on them than the rest of the painting itself.

The shapes in the dresses of the two women also give the image an anomaly. On both dresses the shapes use the Gestalt Principle of similarity but when you look at the two women together it creates an anomaly giving even more emphasis and focus on the two women. While the shape of the design of the dresses actually is that of the shapes that cover their dresses, the one to the left, her dress is shaprd in that of a triangle while the one to the right has a much curvier and circular like look to it. Week 2 Journal #2

Klimt, Gustav. “Tree of Life”, Paint, 1905.

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