Imaginary Landscape Final Project

Imaginary Landscapem 2

Tyler Sudyn

Computer Animation 1

Imaginary Landscape

For this landscape I used the word Abaddon to help me create my image. The word Abaddon means “a place of destruction; the depths of hell,” so I wanted to create an image that showed a hellish like place, or if not that then at least a place of destruction. I brought in 9 different pictures and blended them together to make this image, and used multiple blending technics to keep them looking like they each belong. To give the area a much more burnt and destroyed look I used the burn tool on the ground to make it look as though the fire tornados burnt the land to a crisp. The portal in the background was to give the image a fantasy feeling as though there were a way to and from this place, where an adventurer can come in and try to defeat demons. The skulls next to the portal are the adventurers who tried to kill demons and failed miserably. The whole image has been masked in both a layer of red, to give a red tint, and a layer of fire to make it look like the place was on fire and being destroyed. Imaginary Landscape Write-up

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