Foundations- Linear Day Book

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Summer has always been a big part in my life; it’s where I’ve made the most memories in my life. Some of these memories can be good others can be terrible, and there are some memories that standout and never fade away for me. This is one such day, this day was the first day that I ever played the game Kingdom Hearts. This game was a defining moment in my life because it was the one that set me on the path to want to make games as my job and to inspire others as this game had inspired me.

The covers of the book are meant to be seen as the dreams of a young boy, characters that he creates in his imagination as he dreams. To start the flow of the book there are smaller dream bubbles that slowly move from the covers off to the pages of the book itself.  The repetition of the Z’s helps to bring movement into the piece slowly moving your eyes from the first page to the next one. This is continued throughout the book from page to page but instead of repeating images organic lines take its place. The lines “squiggle” through the page bringing life to it and giving it a sense of shape, movement, and a slight sense of depth.

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