Abstract Animation

For this animation I wanted to create unity and chaos to make a calm feel yet also make it static.  Unity was achieved by using the four rotating objects that slowly combined together keeping the consistency of the spin; while the rectangles, squares, and triangles attempted to create chaos with the unity but was unsuccessful in creating the chaos that was needed for this animation.  Even though chaos was not achieved in the video it was conveyed correctly along with the unity, both were conveyed clearly and correctly.

Artists researched for this piece were Mary Ellen Bute, Hy Hirsh, and Larry Cuba; in the film Synchromy No. 4 by Marry Ellen Bute, there is a circle made up of lines that create squares on the inside, this object on multiple occasions throughout the piece rotates with different areas rotating different ways. The rotation of this object was the inspiration for when the four shapes combined and begin to spin together. While in Hy Hirsh’s animation Come Closer the objects spinning in different positions and areas helped to inspire the square, hexagon, triangle, and circle spinning in separate corners and coming in at different times to the music. The animation Calculated Movement by Larry Cuba helped with the creation of the chaotic part of the animation, the rectangles moving smoothly but chaotically in Calculated Movements is what helped to inspire the rectangles moving smoothly to the music in this piece.

The smoothest points in this animation is at 7:06 – 10:00 minute marks, both the shapes moving together then when they start spinning together is on of the smoothest moments in the animation. A second point of smooth animation would be at 10:10 – 12:24 minute marks, this is when the green rectangles begin to move across the page which is very smooth as well. Abstraction Artist statement

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