Visual Communication- Tree Allegory

Nightmare Tree

                                                                                                                 Photoshop, Pictures, 2015

For this allegory, a Labyrinth tree is used as the center piece and main focus of the image. The value of the piece helps to keep a viewer’s gaze from wandering to far from the center. Value is also used as a representation of shadows in a person’s nightmares. Lurking in the distance and haunting the background of your dreams; you never see these shadows yet you always know they are there. The texture on the tree helps to guide the focus of the piece from the bottom to the top. As the image continues to the top, the colors (blue and red) distort together to give a lucid yet confused look. The color change in the sky is also a representation of when your dreams turn to nightmares; slowly changing from a blue and green, beautiful sky into a static, chaotic sky. The boarder keeps your eyes from travelling off the image.

The texture on the tree is used to deform it, giving the tree a hard edge against the soft shadows creating contrast and keeping the main focus on the tree. The tree itself is represented as the monster that haunts the darkness, the creature that can become anything it desires, anything it wants to be in order to keep you terrified and in the world you are in, to keep it in your nightmares.

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