Chair copy

The chair was the most difficult piece to draw. The lines that moved across the sheet, the ripples in the fabric, the shadows on the lines and inside the ripples all together made this design a challenge. This design was created to show the use of shading, atmospheric perspective in a piece, and to understand form better. To create the outline of the chair gesture drawings were made to understand the form and shape that the chair gave. Multiple gesture drawings were made before the final gesture was created, this helped to increase the overall outcome of the design. The folds in the chair were a major improvement in my artwork, using the shading and erasing on the image to make it seem more realistic compared to other drawings before. Thumbnail drawings were also created in order to show what a difference positioning and choosing certain parts of the chair and drawing those parts could make to the overall composition of the piece.

Atmospheric perspective was used in the chair through the use of the stripes; the stripes that are farther away are lighter in color, while the stripes that are closer to the viewer are stronger and darker giving atmospheric perspective as well as depth to the piece. Another aspect of the piece that helped with creating depth is the uneven line weight; with different part of the piece having different lines of weight it allows for those lines to exist in different planes than the others so that the chair does not look flat and 2-dimensional.

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