Visual Communication- Scale change

Shirt Project

                                                                                                                             Photoshop, Photograph, 2015

This design was intended for printing on a t-shirt, it was used to show scale change in comparison to the real world. Scale change is used in the design by making the demon bigger than the angel. The graphic design shows the demon and angel speaking on the shoulders of a person. Half of the face is black where the demon resides showing the influence that it has over the person; while the white half of the face, where the angel resides, shows the mask people wear to hide the darkness that lurks beneath. The contrast created from the white background behind the demon and the black background behind the angel help to emphasize both beings. The values of the backgrounds and faces of the design create unity and help to guide the image pulling it together; directing your attention to the center as a focal point and then to the figures on the shoulders.

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