Journal #9

Rhino 2.0

Rhino 3.0

Rhino 4.0

Rhino 5.0

Rhino 1

The Black Rhino is a species of Rhino that inhabits Eastern and Central Africa. Their main areas in Africa are Kenya, Tanzania, Cameroon, South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and Angola. These Black Rhinos eat bushes and fruit, they like eating leaves off the side of a tree and use their lips to pluck the leaves off the trees. The Black Rhino is dying off on a minor reason to the destruction of their home and food but also on a major reason from poachers hunting for their horn which is a prized item in Asian countries. To keep the Rhinos safe they need to have armor coating their bodies that allow them to move around but keep them safe from poachers. Another thing that would help is attaching a metal shell to the outside of the Rhino horn that can also act as a drill; this keeps the horn safe but also can act as a drill for the Rhinos to fight off any other predators that try to take the Rhino on.

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