Kim Asendorf Research


Kim Asendorf is a conceptual and digital artist that uses internet data, codes, and computer signals to manipulate them and create glitch art. Asendorf is a computer science graduate who thinks of his art work as writing a concept into an algorithm. Some of his more famous art pieces use mountainous landscapes, he glitches the mountains to give the images a different perspective. The mountains and other landscapes themselves are not truly the pieces of the images that become glitched; it is mainly the area surrounding the land that becomes glitched. This keeps the focus of the viewers more on the landscape as the glitches happen behind it; this in turn amplifies the solidness of the landscapes while amplifying the glitch in the background.

To create these works Asendorf would go through an images source code and distort and change it; these slight changes give the images their glitch look. Other works of Asendorf’s that include glitch art and that are different from the landscapes used different images and fully distorted them using glitches in the image and changing the color of different parts of the image itself. Some examples would be taking the face of a person and distorting it slightly but to give it the chaos of glitch art he would change the color of the art as well.

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