Foundations- Biomorphic Animal


One of the biggest enemies of the Rhino is humanity. Humankind hunts and kills Rhino’s just to take their horns away to sell as a cure all powder. To help the Rhino survive against these terrible crimes they have been outfitted with a couple of different things. The Rhino now has metallic armor that protects most of their body; this makes the Rhino impervious to gun fire and sleeping darts. Underneath the metallic armor there is a leather like material draped around the Rhino, it covers the areas in which the armor cannot; allowing the Rhino to be more flexible and still have protection. The final addition to the Rhino is covering the main part of the Rhinos big horn is a metallic drill. The drill acts as a way to let the Rhino protect themselves better as well as keep poachers from going after them. With the drill and armor it would take too long for the poachers to cut of the horn keeping the Rhino safe and alive.

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