Gallery Write-up for Foundations

Gallery pic 2              Gallery pic 3


Gallery pic 1



Yvonne Buchanon is a glitch artist that uses symbolism in her work. Her artwork mostly deals with the relevance and history of African Americans; using her symbols to show what African Americans went through in the past and still have to deal with today.

The first two Images show a black box in front of a glitched background. The box is supposed to represent a coffin and the afterlife for African Americans. These images are only stills from the actual footage that had been played at the gallery. The glitching in this image was made when Buchanon took the photos into photoshop and distorted the background.

The third image was a video showing blurred crows in a tree highlighted by white circles. The reason behind this is to symbolize African Americans in the eyes of the south from the past. African Americans were seen as beings and not truly people, the crows being blurred shows this.

I really enjoyed Yvonne Buchanon’s pieces, they definitely spoke to me and I could feel the pain and suffering behind them. I definitely look forward to seeing more of her work later on


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