Figure and Motion- Journal #1

In my journal I shall write about different and random ideas that come to my mind, stories that I think of, and dreams that I have. I plan on using experimentation of different art styles for different characters, different motions of characters and how they move to increase my artistic ability and understand how I truly want my characters and landscapes to work. Things that I really wish to work on are emotions that people make using their facial expressions and body movements along with characters and other drawings in different perspectives.

I also hope to learn how to foreshorten, create better images of faces and details of how people look, better landscapes that surround the people, and creations of hands and feet in detail and somewhat realism. Shadows and lighting that fall upon the faces of people and their bodies, creation of a persons form and different types of forms are also other things I wish to work upon. Things that I am excited to learn about and add to my journal to help me improve are how the joints bend correctly, how the bones move inside the bodies, how the muscles contort and move normally inside the body, and transformation of the body from one thing to something else. Finally I wish to improve upon creation of clothing/armor and its movement around the character and with the characters motions,  details of a characters hair and eyes and how they can effect how the character and scene look and feel.

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