Figure and Motion- Journal #2


For my Caricature, I wanted to focus on an exaggeration of my chin, cheekbones, nose, and somewhat my hair. I started my practice images trying to make them realistic as possible but could not draw the forms of my face as well as I wanted to. The last couple of practice caricatures I tried to go for a more cartoony look trying to make it look more like me and give the image actual exaggerations to make it look like a caricature.

My next project was to use a contour drawing of a friend and make a wire frame of the image. I tried to make the wire frame as close to the image as I could but have some of a circular soft edge to the wire frame.

Finally after reading “Understanding Comics” by Scott McCloud, I began to think about how similar to animation comics truly are but at the same time completely different. Both are moving images that are shown to us through frames, but the separation between the comics is what makes them so unique. I also learned about the true definition of what comics are, and how old comics are and how they have affected the world and its culture. As well as the separation of between words and images and how both want to be so extravagant and amazing but in order to work together for comics. Images must be abstracted to make them perceived more like words, where as words must be simplified and see them more like images themselves.


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