Figure and Motion- Journal 3

In order to increase my talents as an artist I have wrote down what I wish to practice and improve upon in my drawings. I have also included how I will achieve this and how many drawings I will do a week to help me improve upon these aspects of the human figure.

I want to work on drawing the emotions of people, how their face looks when they feel different emotion, and how their bodies move in certain situations. I am going to do this by watching how my friends interact with each other while performing different activities and drawing them in these different emotions. I also wish to watch other random people as they interact with others and draw these moments as well. I will draw 3 different drawings of these people and their emotions every week to help me understand and know how the body reacts to certain situations and how emotions work and are expressed.

To improve upon how the joints and bones move within the body, along with how the muscles contract and move I will begin to watch and draw how people move making quick sketches just to understand how their bodies move and bend in certain ways. I will also try to contort these drawings to see how twisted a body can become before it becomes illogical and cannot work. I will draw 5 different drawings of these sketches and as I continue I will try to add more detail onto them to increase my ability to draw muscles and movements of people and characters I wish to create.
Finally, I will draw the hands and face details of those that I see around me. I will do this to increase my ability to create detailed drawings of a persons face and hands. I will watch how they move their hands and from different perspectives; I will also draw their faces in different positions and from different perspectives. I will make 3 drawings of these peoples and try to add more detail as my drawings continue on.

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