3D Form/Color- Origami Robot Final

In a land long lost to history there was a kingdom, this kingdom was technologically advanced for their time. Their cities were built upon gigantic robots that would roam the land finding new places to colonize when resources would become scarce or an area became too dangerous to inhabit. These robotic cities would grant the people protection from outside invaders and were their guardians, while the people maintained the robot itself and keep it operating and healthy. Once a new spot for colonization had been found the robot would bury itself into the ground keeping the city above the dirt. While walking the robot would activate a shield to protect its people ad city, creating an artificial gravity that allowed the robots to move and fight without disturbing the citizens above.

One day the kingdom was invaded, the enemy was a strong one, but not strong enough for the cities to handle. The war raged on for years, the enemy began building robotic warriors to combat the robotic cities. The robots were no match for the fighting prowess of the cities, but some would get lucky and some cities would fall. Eventually the enemy seemed to give up, after almost a century of fighting the war seemed to be over. Then they came back.

The enemy came with a new weapon, one that when fired powered the robotic guardians and left the cities defenseless. One by one the cities fell, the people slaughtered and their resources scavenged, finally only one city remained. The final battle was an epic one, lasting days as the robot ran, trying to escape from the enemies and their weapons. Eventually he was cornered, the weapon fired and the last city fell. The once great kingdom lost to history and forgotten by the new rising empire that had claimed victory.

Millenniums passed, the battle, the kingdom, their cities, their culture, and their science was lost. Only bits and piece remain in history of this once proud kingdom. One fateful night, a monsoon passed over the land that the kingdom once inhabited, the rain washed away the dirt that now cover the last fallen city, the wind blew away the trees and rocks that had grown over it, and finally the lightning struck the core of the city. The Electricity finally passing through this once great being brought him to life. As he rose from his great slumber he looked upon the wasteland that he used to call his, the once proud kingdom he roamed now a desolate mire where none wish to travel. Now this being wonders the land, adding to the legend of the dark mire, he has now come to be known as the souls and spirits of the dead from a kingdom long forgotten and long dead now haunting the land looking for a vengeance that cannot be found.

I created this robot with the idea of creating a giant and ancient looking being long lost to time. Having the different origami pieces look destroyed and crumpled to give it a destroyed look about the robot. The legs are made of different pieces and colors to give it contrast from the body of the robot; the different pieces and colors are to make the legs look makeshift and different as though the robot has had to repair itself or that its exoskeleton finally is showing. The gold strips are meant to give the robot some detail, scale change, and a little more depth to the piece, it is also used as an aesthetic to make it look like that is what the great beast used to be made of long ago.

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