Figure and Motion- Canon Character Bio



Octavius Pravus, twenty-one year old man living in the city of Caligo. He is lean in figure, is of common wealth which does not allow him much food. Though being lean he does have muscles and what he lacks in weight he makes up for in speed. He is a few inches smaller than the average height of his peers. Is seen as a person of perfect health but also underestimated because of his height and size, has good posture when alone but when around large groups of people is slouched over and has head down. Has full head of brown shoulder length, messy hair, blue eyes, and fair skin, wears a green cloak and clothes are slightly tattered. He is never seen without his masks on, at times he may wear one mask with the other off, but most times he wears both.


Octavius was born to a family of somewhat wealth, they were not too well known throughout the city of Caligo and were respected by those that had the honor to meet them. He had an older sister who was known for her beauty and elegance, his family was as if they had been pulled out of a picture. What was not known about them though was that they were a family of druids, beings who practiced the magic of the forest and cared for the beings that dwelled within. One of the biggest creatures that druids would look after were werewolves, Octavius’ family was no different. As with all werewolf packs a druid was required as an advisor, someone to help them fight or understand other supernatural beings, someone to cover up the trails that the pack left during the night, someone to understand how to cure ailments that only fell upon the wolves. That was his fathers job.

His father groomed him and prepared him for the day he would take over his place. After training his magic and studying the ways of a druid, Octavius liked to lay on his rooftop and gaze at the stars as they twinkled by. One night when he was 12 as he gazed at the stars, he noticed something, a light in the distance traveling towards his house; as this light approached he saw it was a carriage being flanked by two mounted soldiers. It was late at night and he knew his father was not expecting visitors so grand, he went back inside to let his father know. Upon hearing this his father’s eyes shot open with fear and he rushed to a locked chest that lay by his bed, he unlocked it and started to give Octavius the items contained in the chest. A green cloak with intricate patterns woven into it, two druid masks with the symbols of water and fire etched into them, one for each side of the wearers face, and his fathers druid book. After handing Octavius these items he rushed him back out onto the roof and told him to stay hidden no matter what.

Octavius watched from the shadows of the rooftop as the men approached his house. They were close enough now that he could just make out the symbol of the Silver Order, the hunters of werewolves. He watched as they entered his home greeted by his father, he waited there on the roof for what felt like ages, everything was quiet until suddenly he heard a crash come from his home. Staying in his hiding spot he watched as his father, mother, and sister were all dragged out of their house and to the backyard. They were put on their knees before a posh looking older gentleman, while three soldiers kept them in place. The older gentleman calmly asked his father a question, but he would not speak, the man hit his father and shouted. Octavius could just barely hear the word werewolf from the gentleman, still his father would not speak, the man gave a sigh pushed his hair out of his face and shot Octavius’ sister. His father began to cry but was still adamant in not telling this man anything, then the gentleman aimed at his mother, his father began to beg him to stop, the man looked at his father and asked the question again, his father refused. His mother was shot and right after that, knowing he would get nothing from his father the gentleman shot Octavius’ father in the head.

That day Octavius lost his family and his whole life came crashing down upon him. He stayed there in his hiding spot in shock of what had just transpired, he waited for hours on end until finally the men left. Still Octavius waited in his spot, the shock of what had happened still affecting him. After waiting hours more, he left, he could not bare to look at his family and so went to the next thing he knew would be best, the werewolves. He travelled to the den of the wolves and told them of what had happened, they gave him their condolences, but when asked to avenge his family, the wolves told him “No”. They told him that a war with the silver order would bring an end to both sides of that war, but Octavius wouldn’t listen nor cared to. He stormed out of the den using his fathers book to find a power that could help him get his revenge on the Silver Order for killing his family and the Werewolves for not helping him and honoring his family as they should have. Nine years have passed and he has found where the power is located, his plans are coming together as he begins to put the pieces into play and prepares for his revenge to be complete.

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