Figure and Motion- Canon Character

Octavius Pravus Actual Final

                                                                                                                                                     Photoshop, 2016

Octavius Pravus comes from a long line of druids in his family, it is both an honor and a privilege to become the lead druid for the family. He lived in the city of Caligo with his Mother, Father, and Older Sister, they looked after the werewolf den in the city. Everything changed for Octavius though when the Silver Order, werewolf hunters, killed his family, he alone escaped. Wanting revenge against the hunters Octavius went to the Werewolves for help, but knowing how powerful this branch of the order was; they refused to help Octavius. Angered and betrayed Octavius left the den looking to find a power that would help him claim his revenge against the Silver Order, for killing his family, and The Werewolves, for not helping him avenge and honor his family. With this power Octavius shall destroy both factions, and make sure that no one ever has to suffer the pain that he went through.

A lot of Octavius’ design was based around Victorian England, the measurements to decide his height and proportions were based off of the ancient Egyptian way of measuring a persons body by using the fist of the artist. Most of the design facial wise has heavy influence from modern day cartoon and art.

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2 Responses to Figure and Motion- Canon Character

  1. This is really cool yo


  2. Love it too much man! Again, great job!


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