3D Design- Marionette

Marionette 1 Marionette 2

                                                                                                          Balsa Wood, Fabric, Acrylic Paint, 2016

The Marionette was created to embody the idea of a druidic spirit, a spirit of the earth. The head is meant to appear to be an owl, while the cloak is an earthy brown like the dirt, these two things are meant to help connect the Marionette to the earth. The arms and movement of its ends are the pieces to show it is a spirit, the way it moves and floats around. I believe that knowing and studying three dimensional design helps an artist understand how slight adjustments to one area of a piece can have a major impact on the whole of the piece. It also translates into 3D modeling, allowing us to understand how you can mold a completely different image from a block or solid image.

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