Figure and Motion- Creation Comic

Comicbook colored


Comicbook InkedComicbook drawn

The story chosen for this Creation Comic was a celtic creation story. This is the story of the god Cernunnos after he had been birthed and helps to give life to humanity by using the bark from the tree of life. This culture was chosen because of their unique art style from the past and the present. Celtic knots were studied from ancient celtic tools and sculptures to help create the tree of life while the gutters and boarders took inspiration from the Irish illuminated manuscript the Book of Kells. Finally the characters were inspired by the characters from the animation the Secret of Kells.

The Book of Kells uses its boarders to keep all of it’s images connected and together, just like a celtic knot, you can’t tell where the images start and where they end. This was incorporated into this creation story to make everything feel connected and intertwined.

Most of the panels use moment to moment as a panel transition. A lot of what happens in this story happens very fast, someone is always doing something. Using moment to moment I was able to create a sense of calm being able to show the importance of each movement Cernunnos makes.

The first panel was created bigger than the rest for two reasons. One was so that the tree might be able to be viewed in all its glory, and two, it was to help elongate time, as though Cernunnos is looking at this tree, this beautiful, powerful tree that gave him life, and wondering what he could do with it, what he might make with it. It is also to emphasize the importance of the tree. The next two frames are smaller but still bigger than the last three. This is again to show importance of Cernunnos taking the bark from the tree. Even though these last three panels are smaller the different structure of them pulls a viewers eyes towards them, this is on purpose, they are meant to be the most important panels in the comic, showing Cernunnos’ power and the creation of the first human. The hands for these frames are foreshortened and centered to show the importance of what they are doing drawing focus more on them. The Human was made a bit more iconic to encompass the whole of the Celtic people so that more people can relate to him and put themselves in his place. Where as Cernunnos is a little less iconic and more objective, he has more detailed features about himself to separate him from the human and make him less relatable to people.

The color palette that was used for the gutters of the comic were taken from the Book of Kells  just as the patterns were as well, where as the color for the panels themselves was taken from the animation The Secret of Kells.  A worn down paper texture was overlaid onto the comic to give it a much older look to it and to make it seem like an old illuminated manuscript.

I feel like I have improved in my work, I have a better understanding on how to draw complex organic shapes thanks to the celtic knots I drew, I have a much better understanding on how color works and how depending on what colors you use can affect a piece immensely and bring out different aspects of a piece. I have also learned a bit more about drawing the human form and how to capture the focus of a viewer on a certain area based on how the images were drawn.

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