Figure and Motion- Self Portrait

Final Selfportrait Selfportrait picture6

For this portrait characteristics of myself were taken and used to create the pose and lighting affect in the original image. I used a high contrast of black and white on this image as a way of showing there are two sides of me. The hard edges and intensity of the black was created for two reasons, one was to show my inner anger, it’s a thing in my life that has controlled me and brought me to a place I didn’t wish to go to, and the other is how bold my personality can be it overcomes the white at times and stands out more than other things about me. The white was shaded with soft edges to represent the truly shy and timid person I am. Even though there is more black than there is lighter shades, the black does not take away or pull the focus all onto it, with how intense it is, the black actually helps to bring the contrast up and make the brighter shades stand out, balancing the image. Most of the medium shades are there to help create the feeling of depth, showing the clothes moving in and creating wrinkles, this gives the image more of a 3D feel and look to it, helping it to pop off the page.

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