3D Design- Clay Figure

Minotaur Clay Figure

The Minotaur is a well known monster in mythology. Many people have tried to tame or kill this wild beast, few have succeeded. Those that have killed one wish they never had, now a necromancer has resurrected this Minotaur from the dead, he protects his master to the end, even after his hands have been chopped off, his feet broken and his bones singed, he fights to keep his master alive and kill any that get in his way. Creating the Minotaur was a difficult process, creating the armature and then forming the clay into bones, to top it off as I created this beast it kept falling over on me. The falling over moved and disrupted the clay giving the Minotaur a destroyed and decrepit look to it making it look battle damaged and even more dead than it is. While baking the clay it got burnt so I decided to incorporate that into the piece itself, enjoying how it continued to give the Minotaur a destroyed and defeated image.

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