Interactive Authoring – Gallery Write-up

I visited the gallery called “Core Sample, Selections from the Permanent Collection” at Alfred Ceramic Art Museum on December 10th, 2016. The gallery was a focus on artists who had graduated from Alfred University and have visited there before. All the art was ceramics and had been donated to the Gallery by the artists. Of the many pieces that were there these are a couple that stood out to me.

1210161527_hdrThe first piece is called “Loop #1” and was done by Eva Hild, circa 2002. When first approached the piece looks like a continuos wave around itself. As you get closer to it though you notice the holes that are in there that create tunnels and connect to each other on different ends. The continuos arcs that the artist made gives the object a sense of movement and life, even though it is still the illusion is there. Using very broad and hills and valleys for the waves exaggerates the piece even more. This illusion of movement and exaggeration of the subtle can be used in a way to make one object look like something entirely different according to the viewers position. The illusion of movement when none is there and seeing different images from different angles to mess with people is something I would like to use in some of my own future works.

1210161525_hdrAnother ceramic artwork at the gallery was called “Threshold” by Juan Miguel Santiago, created in 2004. Threshold is multiple different squares that have different bumps and static shapes on them. The squares are arranged in a way to make a bigger piece. Alone the textures on the square create their own personal image while together they create something more. The lighting that is on the piece as well gives each of the squares different shading with their textures and allows the viewers mind to create an image from them. Having multiple smaller pieces used to create a much bigger overarching story is a very interesting idea and is what I take away from this piece.

1210161523_hdrA final piece is “Doll” by Michaelene Walsh, created in 1995. “Doll” is a doll that is being held together by strings that allow the limbs to dangle and be free. The hallowed out eyes are the first thing of this piece to give off a sense of uneasiness. The shape of the body, limbs, and head are the next to entrap a viewer with curiosity and terror. Texture keeps the terror going making the doll look older and decrepit as though it has been around for centuries. This sense of captivating uneasiness is something I want to incorporate in my work. Creating pieces that look interesting but hold the viewer there because they cannot look away.


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