Advanced 3D Animation – Peer Critique

For this project I am doing a peer critique of DMA student Rebecca Gregory. For the project the goal was to animate emotions on a character. The two emotions Rebecca used were shy and murderous.

The things that worked best in this animation had to be the facial expressions and the movements of the feet in the beginning. MovementĀ of the mouth in the beginning is a great way to express a shy/fearful look on the character. It smoothly transitions into an aggressive snarl that slowly turns into a crazy grin. The eyes and brows also express their emotions very clearly and smoothly transition into the second emotion. Slow movement of the legs at first are smooth and nicely done, when they move into the murderous stance the movement feels a little choppy. At the end the steps the character takes are very wide and follow nice arcs and gives a nice lunge for the axe to swing from.

The weakest part of the animation had to be the arms. They move around a lot and can be very distracting at the beginning of the animation. As it moves on into the swing it does not go with the follow through. It feels as though the axe and arms seem to stop immediately as though they hit a wall. The arc in the swing is nice up until the end when it abruptly stops.

Overall the animation is very well done with few mistakes. Arc and follow through seem to be the biggest weaknesses of this piece. With the strengths of the piece being in the expressions on the face of the character and the smooth transitions from emotion to emotion.

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