Interactive Design – Alchemy Juice

On April 17th 2017 I visited the gallery “Alchemy Juice” by Alex Zablocki. The gallery consisted of multiple sculptures created by Zablocki. The gallery got it’s name when Zablocki took several name titles and put them through a random word generator. Eventually one spat out a long sentance that had the words “Alchemy Juice” in it, he liked it and chose the name.

The first sculpture that was looked at looked like a stack of pancakes with butter on top. Color seems to be the biggest theme for the piece with the pancakes themselves being a brown color but the inside being different colors like red, blue, and green. Each level of the sculpture is slightly moved over from the others creating a sense of hierarchy.

The second sculpture I looked at was a tower piece that was an amalgamation of objects and creations at the bottom slowly leading to a long piece that stuck out of the top. The eye of the viewer is taken immediately to the bottom of the sculpture where it feels much heavier than the top. Though the texture of the top tower seems to have more noise as to not make the bottom too distracting and cluttered.

The ways that this can be implemented in DMA is with the first sculpture a sense of color design. Using colors that work together and do not over power each other. In web design this could be implemented in using small amounts of color that in heavy doses can be too much but in small amounts can easily convey the color choice of the site. The second sculpture shows the use of directing a viewers eye putting more things in an area so that it takes up the most space in the piece. This can be transferred over into web design as well by putting more content in a specific area to make it heavier than the rest of the site. While still having a slight amount of texture on the areas that are lighter in content so as not to leave them bare.

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