Interactive Design – Drawing a Line from Here to There

On May 1st I visited a gallery called “Drawing a Line from Here to There.” This Gallery was created by Megan Daus and was a collection of different sculptures that the artist had created.

The first piece I looked at was called “Once a Home.” In this piece Daus had the framework of a home laid out bare. On one side a piece of fabric with a multitude of stitching and other fabric to create the look of a house. Using different colors of stitches and fabrics Daus was able to create a sense of depth on the fabric as though looking at it the whole house was three-dimensional. Using a coral stitching along with a light grey help in skewering the viewers perspective of the piece itself. Daus also used blue, green, and grey fabrics as a way to show a house being a protector of nature and outside.

The second piece I looked at was one called “Weaving my Path.” This piece was a creation of an awning made up of yarn being woven together. The piece is forever still but gives a sense of motion as though it is forever creating the object the yarn is being made into. Motion played a big part in Daus’ creation of this piece, with the yarn moving up and down along the piece it conveys as though it is moving. As you move down the piece you find the spot where the individual threads are being woven as you move and see them become one this piece truly comes to life.

Ideas and methods from these pieces can be take and implemented into my own work in DMA. First of all with “Once a Home” I can focus on colors and find that which helps to convey different meanings and senses of perception. I can definitely transfer this over to web design in helping to make my work pop off the page of the site itself to give it a 3D look. Where as with “Weaving my Own Path” focusing on movement from something that is still is a bit harder to convey but none the less something I would like to incorporate into my own art. Perhaps by the use of my lines and how they move with each other and direct the attention of viewers I can copy this sense of motion. In web design I can use the idea of a texture on a div that can create movement and life in the site when everything is still.


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