Advanced 3D Animation – Self-Critique


Throughout this year though there has been fewer animation I feel as though I have improved a lot in my skills. Last semester I had major problems in working with the movement of a characters feet and making my character feel as though he has weight. The big focus this year for me in Advanced 3D Animation has been texturing characters and creating them ourselves, along with animation. The first animation shown in this video was based on emotion. We were given two different emotions in class and asked to make them work in an animation together. My character went from relaxed to jealous. I had a big focus in the movement and emotion in the face, having him express his feelings through his eyes and mouth mainly. I still need to work heavily on the movement of hands and props that they hold and interact with. Not only that but not moving the body at all made him look stiff and fake as his head continued to move.

The second clip is from my rigged character the Mare-Tini. For this project we were given an animal and an inanimate object, I was given a horse and martini glass. This was a difficult project for me. Creating the character was a task in of itself, creating the rig and skin weights were even more difficult. I found it tricky to get specific joints to only work with specific areas of the mesh. Even though this was a difficult process I now have a better understanding of how rigs work and how to create my own. I plan to work more on my paint weighting and understanding of what joints must be moved for a rig to work properly.

The final clip is taken from a brief moment I animated in the short short film “Five Finger Discount.” Here I am happy because I see a big improvement in how the character impacts and has more weight in the scene. The arcs for the legs were tricky to keep going with this rig but were still fun to create as well. The overlap and follow through for when the character hits the wall is probably what I am most proud of in this scene. I feel as though I still need to work on the arms arcs and overlapping and follow through.

I want to work on more animation over the summer. I want my animations to look less choppy and robotic, and instead look realistic. I also wish to explore more of creating my own characters and rigs to see how I can improve upon these places that I feel weak in. I hopefully will be able to apply these skills into my own animated shorts while still learning and improving from these personal projects.

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